sustainABILITY simplicated Step 5: Gather A Good Gang

Sustainability represents a multi-billion dollar revenue opportunity, along with a healthier and happier existence for us all. sAs offers 7 Simple Steps to Sustainable Business Growth.

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sAs Step 5:


Gather a Good Gang 


“The secret is to gang up on the problem, rather than each other.” —Thomas Stallkamp

Even with your vision and MAP in hand, you’ll need some help along the way. No matter how much wiggling you’re doing, if you’re not working with others, chances are you’re not gonna make it to your sAssy future.

But guess what? There are a bunch of folks out there who are just as passionate about reaching a sAssy future, and they’d love to join your gang.

good gang

Good Gangs start at home. So this week the focus is on  gathering a Good Gang within your organization. Later we’ll help you extend the reach of your Good Gang outside the office.  (If you’re an overachiever and already have your in-house Good Gang ready, you can skip to this great interview with Master Bridge Builder, Nadine Hack, who reveals how to turn outsiders into insiders.)

So, do you have a Good Gang helping you gang up on the problem of our unsustainable status quo? If not, here’s the first step in starting one.


Gather a Good Gang

1. Distribute an internal survey to gauge sustainability awareness and interest (Survey Monkey or GoogleForms are great free tools). Offer a small prize to the first 5-10 people who complete the survey. (This will spur competition and curiosity about the prize.) Download this sample questionnaire to guide you. 

2. Invite interested respondents to read this sAs series starting with Step 1: Smart is Sexy. Schedule a coffee date to discuss reactions.  


Please leave a comment below with suggestions for a better survey or info about your experience in gathering a Good Gang.  


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