Why sAs?

Sustainability is a loaded word. 

Depending on who you ask, you might hear about your children, elixirs of death, or how to boil a frog.

And if you’re talking to someone about sustainable business, you might hear some fancy acronyms like TBL, C2C, or CSV.

We think that’s all just fine. In fact, we think it’s fantastic.

But it’s kinda like trying to find that matching sock. What’s the right match for your business and your life?

Here’s our take on ‘sustainability’ and why we write it funny: 


sustainABILITY : 

(n) the ability to sustain our selves

We believe sustainability is really about our ability to sustain our selves.

Drawing thanks to Jo Yassumoto  

Drawing thanks to Jo Yassumoto


Drawing thanks to Jo Yassumoto

Drawing thanks to Jo Yassumoto

When we take good care of ourselves, then society and the environment benefit.  

When we don’t, we all lose.

As Da Vinci put it, “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”  We agree.

Yet, simplicating is more difficult than complicating. It takes intention, focus, and action. 


simplicated : 

(adj) opposite of complicated


Simplicating takes us back to the basics. What one thing, done now, will yield the best results? ONE thing. 

We simplicate sustainABILITY so you don’t have to. Whatever or wherever you think sustainability is, we think it needs a little facelift, some sAs. 


sustainABILITY + simplicated = sAs


So...time to get sAsy: What’s the ONE thing you can do today to achieve the results you need? Tell us.


And see here what Patrik Frisk, President Timberland USA, has to say about it too.


(Big thanks to our artist Jo Yassumoto for the beautiful drawings.)