Cortney McDermott 

Photo credit to Alice Gazzi

Photo credit to Alice Gazzi

Cortney is an “action” gal.  She takes Thoreau’s advice and walks confidently in the direction of her dreams. So she speaks from experience when she helps people and organizations do the same. As a mother, writer, pianist, yogi, trained cultural mediator, and corporate executive, Cortney combines passion and action in all of her pursuits. You might catch Cortney singing in the local jazz cafe on Friday and running a marathon in 3:45’ on Sunday before wowing clients again on Monday. She’ll meet you out on the surfboard, the mountaintop, or at the watercooler to swap stories and muse over meaning. Having lived, worked, and studied in multiple countries, Cortney knows how to balance diverse interests and perspectives in a global context. 

Cortney has served as an executive at Vanity Fair Corporation, Vice President at Sustainability Partners Inc., chair of multiple global sustainability organizations, and Professor of Graduate Studies in Sustainable Business. She is also an official blogger for The Huffington Post.


Cortney: Explorer, Creator, Hero, Sage

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Suzanne Pinckney

Photo credit to Alice Gazzi

Photo credit to Alice Gazzi

Suzanne spreads smiles. Just learn how to say her name without cracking a grin (“Suze-on" clap clap "Suze-off" clap clap”). As a climbing instructor, yoga teacher, bike commuter, and organic farmer, Suzanne enjoys the journey of constant improvement, seeking ways to move herself and those around her to conscious choices, big and small. Whether on the yoga mat or at the conference table, Suzanne disarms, invites, and includes everyone she meets on the climb up Mount Sustainability. From the conservative US South to the ashrams of India, Suzanne defies all traditional barriers to bring her multi-tool skill-set to every challenge. No question is too obscure for Suzanne to discover the answer, no obstacle too complex to simplicate. 

Suzanne has served as co-founder and owner of SLICE Finance and Senior Strategist at Sustainability Partners where she worked directly with Nike, Hyatt Hotels, VF Corporation, Starwood Hotels, and other complex global businesses.

Suzanne: Teacher, Guide, Caregiver, MacGyver  

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"tremendous energy"  

"incredible ability to get people to engage and understand the very complex subject of sustainability”

“talent for simplicating such a complex subject like sustainability”

“risultati concreti e tangibili”

“grande professionalité

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“intellect, clarity and courage”

“focus and relentless commitment to listen deeply to clients and their needs”

“fresh thinking, resilient approaches and very practical yet highly engaging results”

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Nike Retail


Starwood Hotels & Resorts

Hyatt Hotels & Resorts

University of Iowa

VF Corporation

Mercy Corps

One Song/Yoga Bhoga

Green Empowerment

Parmarth Niketan/India Heritage Research Foundation

Plum Creek




Peak Experiences


Feel the love

“Cortney has tremendous energy and possesses an incredible ability to get people to engage and understand the very complex subject of sustainability. She is an excellent public speaker and has great language skills. She is well organized and carries with her an aura of optimism that's hard to beat. During her six years with us, Cortney proved herself an invaluable player within VF Corporation.”

Patrik Frisk, President,Timberland USA (former President, Outdoor & Action Sports Coalition), VF Corporation

“Cortney is an amazing woman. She has outstanding communication skills and can easily bridge the gap between the technical and the practical (functional), which makes her an excellent facilitator and coach. She knows how to have fun while making sure her message is understood loud and clear. You get her in a conference room and she'll sure get everybody's attention. She guided our green team to the successful implementation of sustainability practices throughout our factories and offices. The quality of her work consistently exceeded our expectations. I highly recommend Cortney (and any resource she endorses) to any company looking at implementing a sustainability strategy.”

Joe Bichai, Vice President Manufacturing, Genfoot Inc. 

 “Suzanne demonstrates a unique combination of business skills in the challenging arena of sustainability. She has a focus and relentless commitment to listen deeply to clients and their needs. In partnership with clients, emergent opportunities are uncovered. The issues are indeed complex and yet, Suzanne is an expert in moving diverse opinions and approaches into simple, explicit, and powerful directions. When you work with and engage Suzanne, you can expect fresh thinking, resilient approaches, and very practical yet highly engaging results.”  

Mary Kay Chess, Ph.D., CoreFaculty, Bainbridge Graduate Institute; Formerly National Leadership Consultant, NCHN

“Suzanne stands a head above others in her intellect, clarity, and courage to address the tough issues. She sets and clears a high bar in all that she commits her time and effort towards. She performs calmly under pressure, produces results of the highest quality, and delivers with confidence. Given the complex issues organizations face today, Suzanne's ability to see through the fog to simplicate and act is a true asset.”

Darcy Winslow,  Managing Partner, The Academy for Systemic Change; Founder, Designs for a Sustainable World Collective, LLC; Formerly General Manager, NIKE’s Global Women’s Fitness Division

“Cortney is brilliant. She has the talent for “simplicating” such a complex subject like sustainability. Professional, enthusiastic and involved, she is a key resource for companies to implement sustainability.”

Carine Bedoya, Sustainability Manager, Quiksilver

 “I have never met a person who can so quickly and easily establish a sincere and lasting rapport with so many different people. Suzanne puts all others at ease.”

Kevin Tobin, Co-Owner, Peak Experiences Inc


L'amour en français

“Cortney réussi toujours à me surprendre par ses talents de communicatrice qui lui permettent de promouvoir des dossiers les plus complexes, dossiers qu'elle traite par ailleurs avec grande professionalité.”

Catherine Basso, Senior Manager of Sales Analysis, EMEA VF Corporation Outdoor & Action Sports Coalition

Amore in italiano

“Lavorare con Cortney è estremamente gratificante sia sotto il profilo professionale che umano. E’ una professionista vera dotata di una profonda e solida preparazione che arricchisce chi ha il piacere di lavorare con lei.

Riesce ad unire professionalità ed impegno personale, creando una miscela unica a garanzia del successo dei progetti costruiti assieme. Nel lavoro svolto ho apprezzato l’attenzione al raggiungimento di risultati concreti e tangibili, fondamentale per chi vuole investire in modo efficace le proprie risorse. Fattori chiave sono stati una profonda conoscenza della materia e l’utilizzo di una metodologia efficace, capace di sfruttare le potenzialità interne focalizzandole ad un obiettivo comune ottenendo risultati immediati e duraturi.”

Giulio Piccin, Product Manager at AKU Italia Srl